Dope founder Delanie Schulte with bouquet of flowers

Dope Florals was created by Delanie Schulte, an American neuroscientist, turned florist. Delanie worked as a neuroscientist for five years post-uni and didn’t feel like doing that anymore. So she decided to do some traveling, and while saving for her travel plans she picked up a side job at a flower company near the science lab where she worked in San Francisco. She quickly realized she had a passion for creating floral arrangements and drove her hostelmates mad with talk about flowers throughout her proceeding 5 months of travel around Western and Eastern Europe.

As part of her extended travel plans, Delanie came to Australia on a working holiday visa with the plan to only stay for a year. She got work at a Melbourne flower shop and further confirmed her absolute love of floral arranging. Then a miracle happened – she realized her traveler’s dream of falling in love with a local. Delanie and her partner are extremely happy and settled in Melbourne, where Dope Florals was born.

Dope Florals is Delanie’s precious love child and embodies the joy and warmth (emotional warmth) of San Francisco, California. Dope arrangements are wild and free, with rich color palettes and palpable exuberance, all while being completely Earth-friendly. Delanie wholeheartedly believes in the power of flowers for their ability to alter mood, atmosphere, and experience to help everyone enjoy life more.

Spread love, send flowers.

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