Hello Melbourne!

The Joy of Flowers

Helloooo Melbourne!

I’m so excited to be part of the floral tapestry in this beautiful city 🙂

Flowers are an intense passion of mine (obviously, what business would I have starting a floral company otherwise?) and I deeply believe in the power of flowers to elicit joy.

Not only are they pretty colors, but they have so much ingrained implication – it’s postulated that flowers are appealing to humans on a primal level because it means the Earth is healthy and fruitful and will therefore provide good food and shelter. We also have strong connections with flowers on a social level – flowers are often given as gifts, so we have a strong mental association between flowers and the joy of receiving a gift from a loved one. Did you ever receive flowers in school? I’m not sure if that’s just an American thing, but my school would run a fundraiser during Sweetest Day (I know, Americans and their holidays!) where you could buy a carnation to be delivered to someone during school hours. Throughout the day, everyone would be collecting flower after flower that their friends had bought them. There was such pride and joy in carrying around your flowers from class to class. The reminder that you are loved is such a powerful gesture, one that flowers accomplish oh so well.

Having flowers in your home or place of business is also beneficial to your health. A famous study lead by Jeannette Haviland-Jones at Rutgers University shows that flowers have a significant impact on observed and self-reported happiness, not only immediately, but the positive emotions lasted days after being around the flowers as compared to the control subjects. Physiologically, exposure to flowers increases neurochemicals responsible for joy (dopamine and serotonin) and social bonding (oxytocin), as well as decreases heart rate and reduces stress. A couple other studies have even shown that enriching the spaces in which you live (a.k.a. Beautifying your spaces) could increase neuronal growth, slow the progression of specific neurological diseases, and enhance memory. The YouTube channel “In a Nutshell” actually made a video about the positive effects of environmental aesthetic called “Why Beautiful Things Make Us Happy – Beauty Explained,” which I’ve embedded on this post.

Now, let’s not get carried away, I’m not saying that flowers can cure you of all ailments (or can they???), but it is well studied and accepted that decreasing stress and increasing positive emotions does wonders for your immune system and your body’s general ability to battle illness. So, if keeping fresh flowers around the house and office can boost your mental and physical health, then why the hell not? Our day-by-day routines define our lives and we all need a boost every once in a while. I’m happy I can provide that service and spread the joy 🙂

May your future be filled with many flowers 🙂

-Delanie (Dope Florals founder)

In a Nutshell about why beauty is important for our mental health and wellbeing

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