Our Eco Promise

We believe all companies have a responsibility to have as low of an impact on the Earth as possible. We take this responsibility seriously and promise to use only biodegradable material in every step of the process. We are proudly plastic-free and use natural and recycled material – check out all of the products we use below!


Biodegradable Bags

We use biodegradable bags to keep the stems of our Dope bouquets moist in transit.

Click here to see where we get them.

Hessian wrap

We wrap all of our bouquets in
second-hand hessian provided by Melbourne area coffee roasters 🙂

No cello wrap here!

hessian coffee bean bags

Recycled Paper Towels

recycled paper towels

We soak these recycled, biodegradable paper towels in water and wrap them around the stems of all our Dope bouquets to keep them fresh during delivery. 

Click here to see where we get them.

Natural String

We tie it all up with biodegradable jute string. Made from the same fibre of the hessian wrap, this string is all natural and biodegradable!

Click here to see where we get it.

Ball of natural hessian string

Recycled Hang Tags

Ecocern 100% recycled carboard

Even the hang tag is eco-friendly. The carboard material is 100% recycled and biodegradable.

Click here to see where we get it.